It's STILL Happening.. Mystery Booms Update!

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  1. Back in 2012 or 2013 I experienced something very similar, except it wasn’t a boom, but the noise was very…vibrational (for lack of a more descriptive word) and as I would step inside my house, nothing no noise at all, then step back outside to hearing and feeling that overwhelming vibration. To my surprise I looked it up online and people were experiencing the same exact thing across the globe in many countries, with video evidence (which was how I knew for certain that it had to be the same thing I was experiencing). Just one of the many occurrences that have helped me piece together the puzzle over many years. 👽🤔

  2. Tyler, There is a frequency that has been bothering me. Just like what you were talking about.
    I am frequency sensitive.
    And it usually doesn't bother me. Except late at night when everybody is sleeping. I can hear it and feel it in my body.
    And when I plug my ears It's like a wave travels through one ear then through the brain. It slurrs my words and sometimes it makes me dizzy. And then I have tosit or lay down. Because it interferes with my motor skills. It's almost like I can't function.
    I've also hear another was thats 10 worse. It makes me sick to my stomach.And it feels like it's killing brain cells
    I wish I was able to find out where this is coming from. The second frequency I've only heard twice. And it's a killer.

  3. I felt an eath quake in south africa last year. normally we don't have earth quakes but it was a year ago. in kempton park I felt it. we don't have anything recently but this was just onces. I don't see much ufo sightings in south africa from youtube or the internet. if you guys know of some footage from south africa can you please share a link plz tx

  4. Something to ponder…what if these sounds really are sonic booms? If there are tunnels from coast to coast, and we have vehicles that can traverse 3K miles in a matter of minutes, maybe these sounds are coming from extremely high speed vehicles. If so, the shockwave would have to dealt with in a way they don't damage/destroy the vehicle.

  5. one afternoon about 3 years ago. There was very low cloud cover. No clear sky to be seen. I heard what sounded like something akin to moving heavy furniture But ten times louder and above the clouds. A sliding grating noise Low shuddering. Just like a large heavy wooden table was being moved across the sky. It had the same lengths of highs and low as whale song but with much more bass lows.
    The Havana syndrome is probably some kind of listening device being aimed at these people. Seeing they were Government workers. In a crowd it would seem effective if one wanted to listen to a conversation to pick a person and use them as a target and as the various people spoke to then target the one speaking or one next to them to insure clear reception of what was being said. Especially in a group where one or more may be speaking at the same time as others. This lets the topic of interest be in the forefront of other things being talked about. A whole room could become affected if a wider beam was used to later isolate the intended targets words out of the others speaking.

  6. I’m a ham radio operator W8MLD. If it is microwaves they cannot penetrate steel. Solid metal and fine metal mesh acts as a faraday cage preventing electromagnetic signals from entering or exiting the cage. They should start to install this relatively simple shielding. If it is microwave energy. Those booms are really odd. I know of one place it was found to be anti bird propane noise cannons. But many others are unexplained. In winter some could be frost quakes. Which are very shallow and locally loud. Many times frost quakes don’t even register with seismographs. But yeah these strange booms are very odd.

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