Is this a UFO? Someone thinks he found an alien ship near Area 51 using Google Maps – BGR


I was driving East on Apache Trail toward the Superstition Mountains. I noticed a ‘star’ was moving slightly in relation to the other ‘fixed’ stars. I watched it weave it’s way down as if it were responding to my attention. I turned North onto Winchester and it was getting Really Close!It had lots of lights, red and blue ones, and I thought it seemed like too many for a piece of equipment. I turned East onto Scenic and South onto the next street and pulled over and jumped out. Standing there, between an rv park (of course!) And a dirt lot, underneath the telephone poles and wires,I could hear a slight buzzing or whirring and I thought “is that a drone?.. Well, this is either my first drone sighting or just about my twenty first UFO encounter.” I looked around and noticed other aerial craft moving about with their regular blinking lights but could not determine the sound source.
I watched in awe as this thing moved directly overhead, then slid to a stop and went back in the direction it came from (N/E). WOW! I got back in and started to awkwardly turn the rv around but the Thing was moving North at a nice clip. I pondered those lights: is it red lights in a blue glow or blue lights in a red glow? I lost track of it as I head East on Scenic Rd. I turned North on Tomahawk Rd and as I drove a little up the way I noticed all of a sudden this Thing was just off my left side pacing me as I traveled. It was just above the houses and the trees, which are LOW in this neighborhood! I pointed out the window and said: ” Who are you? What are you? Cops? Military? Frickin’ Aliens?” I chuckled. The thing did something strange: from in between all the lights that were already switched on, emerged a whole other grouping of lights as if to say: “How’s this? I bet this just blows your mind, don’t it?” I held my arm out the window grasping at the air like a baby that wants a cookie and when I got to the corner of Superstition Rd I pulled onto the dirt lot there, jumped out again and made my contact signal: one hand to my heart and one open palm offering a space here on the ground. By this time, the “Thingy” simply went back to the Southwest, cruising easily over the neighborhoods toward Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, something like that.
A few days later I got to see a couple of guys fly their toy drones around, I thought that was a good synchronicity. Those were expensive pieces of junk.
If this weird object was one of ‘ours’ then it is not following any true protocol, just going around putting on ‘shows’ and not using a constant repeating pattern or sequence to it’s display beacons…
I require respect and truthful answers.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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