INSANE UFO SIGHTING: ‘Clear flying saucer’ filmed flying over VOLCANO –

A YouTube video posted Saturday purports to show a UFO-like object flying near Wright-Patterson, generating enough Internet buzz to be broadcast on the Fox News Channel and picked up by media outlets from England to Australia this weekend.

Long the subject of decades-old rumors among UFO watchers about secret alien spacecraft housed at Wright-Patterson, the floating object with a pointed end drifts with the clouds until it suddenly vanishes in the video to the exclamation of an unidentified Dayton area couple who filmed it Wednesday, according to the Secureteam 10, which posted the video.

Wright-Patterson spokeswoman Marie Vanover said Tuesday morning after checking with the Air Force Research Laboratory there was no indication the base had ties to the object.

“We are personally unaware of any activities that would have contributed to the object depicted in the video,” she said.

A narrator in the video who called the sighting “mind-blowing’ and a “devastating video,” said it was the third sighting of the object within the past month near the base.

In the video, a woman who spots the floating UFO says excitedly: “What the (expletive) is that? Oh my God, it (expletive) disappeared!”

The narrator intones it’s either an alien craft, a drone or a secretly engineered Air Force project.

“When it comes to secret military bases that may have something to do with alien phenomenon, the first I don’t think of is Area 51,” a secret base in the Nevada desert, the narrator says. “No, the first thing I think of is Wright-Patterson and this footage we’ve received confirmed that for me.”

The base was once headquarters for the now defunct Project Blue Book, an Air Force investigation of 12,618 claimed sightings of UFOs between the 1947 until 1969. Of those, 701 were never explained. A declassified 1992 CIA report concluded half of those reports were sightings of the high-flying U-2 and SR-71 spy planes.

The website Black Vault posted Project Blue Book reports online in 2015.

In 1985, Wright-Patterson issued a statement that said the Air Force concluded Project Blue Book investigations showed no UFO sighting was a threat to national security, or demonstrated technology beyond present-day sciences, and no evidence indicated extraterrestrial vehicles.

“Periodically, it is erroneously stated that the remains of extraterrestrial visitors are or have been stored at Wright-Patterson AFB,” the statement concluded. “There are not now, nor ever have been, any extraterrestrial visitors or equipment on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.”

Check out the original source here.

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