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  1. The Wizard of Chino Hills

    The Figure That looks like a Rock that Looks like an Alien is a Rock that’s in the Background. One of the Photos Truly Shows It. But What I Found is Wothout a Doubt. Did anyone else notice that to the left of the supposed crouching alien is Skull Rock from Neverland! “Blast It Peter Pan, why’d You Put Skull Rock On the Moon”!

  2. Kenneth Sakamoto

    Explaining the Unexplained (Mithisicphephics)

    Note: First 8 minutes show examples of recorded sky noise events. Explanations given thereafter.
    The sounds recorded around the world are due to the closeness of Arcturian spacecrafts moving equipment through gateways or portals.

    Iapetus, Saturn’s Moon is not natural, owned by beings from Camelopardalis and used
    for storing liquids and other materials gathered from Saturn to export to other planetary beings.

    The Pleiadians are in charge of monitoring and dismantling any nuclear missile weapon that is set off.

    Giant Arcturian pressure-control probes have been placed in potentially active volcanos to be used if necessary to adjust tectonic activity while monitoring the volcanoes to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring.
    ETs are helping us by monitoring all dangerous potentially explosive volcanoes that would harm most of the population of the world.

    The giant planet (Enoch) Taus is photographed absorbing excess solar energy. It has a huge capacity for holding energy within its atmosphere and is encapsulated to tolerate the intense solar energy. Movement magnetically controlled and steered by the Pleiadians. See below.

    Subject: Taus
    Giant space planet guided by the Pleiadians to absorb and hold solar energy

    *Truck carrying nuclear weapons is lifted up as a warning.

  3. P R

    Keep in mind that those out there do not need weapons as we have, as they can easily cause those controlling our weapons to see anything that they want. Therefore making possible for them to cause us to destroy ourselves with our own weapons. BTW it looks much like 3 of them, as two are to the left behind another large rock.

  4. W. A. King

    Dr. Greer says they'll be false flag invasions using holograms. Sabre-rattling and fear-mongering are counterproductive. I thought you were above that. Guess I was wrong again.

  5. were the morgans

    When I lived in Florida I seen aliens every day it's so hard to get them to go back to there own country tho sense they don't speak English and the government gives them free food and shelter damn aliens


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