How We’ll Find the Aliens in Our Solar System! | STELLAR

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I got to visit two awesome upcoming NASA missions searching for life in our solar system! The Mars 2020 rover mission targeting the Jezero Crater and the Europa Clipper reconnaissance mission to explore one of Jupiter’s moons due to launch in 2023. I explore if alien life is possible, where we’re most likely to find it and why.

I know, this video is a bit different from most Physics Girl videos. It’s part of a PBS miniseries called Stellar, done in collaboration with Matt O’Dowd from @PBSSpacetime and Joe Hanson from @It’sOkayToBeSmart. Over six episodes we travel to telescopes, go inside space research centers, and chat with amazing scientists. Next up is Joe’s episode where he explores where life might be outside our solar system.

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Stellar is a part of the PBS Summer of Space. They’ll be lots of awesome space related content all summer long on PBS. See what’s happening at

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Thanks to David Gruel, Brent Buffington and everyone at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory who helped us out!


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