How to Download the CIA’s ‘Entire’ Collection of UFO Documents

I was driving southbound on i-95 and noticed a circle of about 8 lights in the sky to my left, they seemed to be above the trees height-wise. i was trying to note some type of reflection so i looked in my rearview mirror and to my right to see if anything was reflecting oddly off my window. i could not see anything that would produce these lights. i was puzzled by the height of the lights as they could not be part of a billboard, they were too high up. since i was driving i could not just stare so i kept glancing back at this which the first 3 times i glanced was in the same exact position next to me but the fourth time, the last time i saw it a bit behind me to the left. right after that 4th and final time seeing the lights, i saw a state trooper just sitting in one of those highway crossroads, patrolling speed i assume. i’m thinking this could be some type of drone the military or police department is using.

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