How can anyone see a drone from an airplane window while traveling hundreds of miles an hour? It would have to be really big or traveling along side, no?

We were traveling south on mission road going toward home (green valley) from tucson. on the road below us was bombier factory, hughes aircraft factory and tucson airport as well as davis montham air base. the mountain, called a mountain was to the west of us. i saw several —3—bright lights to my right. they were over a small ridge of a mountain. and flew around it. they seemed to be banking to the west. my husband went just past the mountain the orbs reappeared. they seemed to be in a line in front of our vision west and approx 20 degrees =/- a degree above the horizon. they did not flash only glowed and hovered there. two young people pulled off behind us. the young man kept yelling “tell me you see that, tell me you see that’ and called his grandfather who lives on reservation land to go outside and look up. the girl stayed in the car. she was terrified and just wanted to leave. a very large object appeared from the south west that while opening up, looked very much like a air hanger in the sky. there were a series of lights that appeared to be hanging from a roof of some kind and your could see metal “gerters (sp). the lights hovering went into the structure one at a time and the “bay dooors” closed. there was no sound. suddenly two jets came from the se and flew directly over head. they went round the mountain and back heading back the way thy came. they must have passed within a quarter mile of the dark object in the sky and never saw it. as soon as the jets left so did the object. it went south west. we followed it down mission until we hit duvaull ,mine road ad returned home. once that object left we heard crickets and cows and a dog barking again. but not while it was there. we said little to each other on the way home. i will admit it, i was shaken and excited at the same time. it was spooky.

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