HAUNTING "Spheres" Patrolling Our Lakes! WHAT Do They Want?

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  1. All we need is a tsunami and it could be the abyss! Good work as always! The town I live in is literally only a mile long, surrounded by vast National Forest, Carson to be specific! As well as a few different native reservations! If you want to see something weird you walk around Red River New Mexico at night! Hell you might see something in the middle of the day!

  2. Imagine how we just sit there recording animals in amazement, like they are idiots. Maybe extraterrestrials think the exact same thing of our whole planet. The same way we know dolphins are very intelligent, but we still treat them as animals not the same as a humanoid.

  3. Something similar happened to me while I was sea fishing of a coast in the uk with a buddy of mine. It was a bright BLUE ball of energy of some sort.. it travelled east to west a some quite some speed with a humming sound, it happened so fast I was just scratching my head as to what it was, looked at my friend to see if I was going mad and he looked at me in the same way and says "did you see that to??" Thats was clarification that I wasnt going mad. Ive always known we are not alone. Thank you secureteam for your videos!! Keep them coming!!

  4. This is the reason I follow this channel because I’ve seen one of these exactly and I’d love to know what it is. Anyone anywhere in the world I’m open to a reasonable explanation of what these orbs are if you have one. Alternatively I can only identify it as unidentifiable to the best of my knowledge.

  5. Thats a cargo ship or tanker. Not to mention there are megalithic structures under those lakes. The possibility of a base down there is very likely based on many stories of strange happenings around the area for many many years. I've also seen those same lights above Ky Lake and lake Barkley in Tn. Very close to Ft Campbell Ky.

  6. That orb was not hovering over the s*** it was obviously farther out on Horizon behind the ship but at a perfect height in the sky it looked like it was over the ship it wasn't over the ship. If it was over the ship that ship would have stopped in they would have had spotlights you would have saw the deck light up I mean come on.

  7. Idk. It almost feels like it’s much further away to me and just appears to be above the ship. Still weird but I wasn’t there. Just my psychic impressions. Thx. Now the lights under the water makes me believe that Atlantis is still around and thriving. We will all find out soon that we have inter dimensional beings here with us and we just don’t have the frequency to interact with them. As our planetary awareness becomes more focused as a whole, we will All see more and more as it takes more energies focused on a main objective to become clear

  8. Semi-true! One of your last sentences. 90 percent of the occeans are not known by us normal citizens! …but, around 0,0000001 percent of humanity knows way more about the occeans and other things. Maybe more that we "normals" ever can imagine! But no one knows or met one of the 0,0000001 percent, right? and I think we never would be!

  9. My biggest problem with these light and things is…. Why are they just watching… What do they know or what are they waiting for… Obviously most humans are capable of sensible communication, why not just come on down. At least talk to the people willing to better themselves, anything that would better this world is a win to me… Unless it meant human extinction of course. Hell move us to another planet idk

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