Fleet of UFOs was spotted while on a cruise. Galveston, Texas.

Witness description:
“I was on a cruise in the gulf. I just couldn’t sleep because the bed was so uncomfortable so I decided to go out on the balcony. I was just looking out, it was dark out and I was surprised because I could see the moon and stars but I also saw 3 big bright yellow lights. I couldn’t figure out why they were so close to each other. Sometimes you see a planet and you know because it’s big and bright unlike the other stars. While I was looking at the sketch I noticed some smaller white lights. I wasn’t sure I was seeing what I was seeing. They seemed to move so fast and stop so quickly. I ran inside to grab my glasses because I thought maybe I wasn’t seeing clear. Went back out and I still saw all the lights. While I am looking out there the light closest to the moon starts to move left and just disappeared. It looked like when you have a light up toy that is spinning and you see the light trailing except it wasn’t spinning just moving in a straight line and was gone. At this point I see a bunch of white small lights moving to the right higher than the yellow lights. They just make a dead stop and like a blink of an eye they switch direction and go left and disappear also. At this point I think where’s my phone so I run back inside and grab my phone. I go back outside and start taking a video of what I was looking at. I then start to see some smaller lights moving right from the first light. This scared me and I stopped the video and ran back inside. I didn’t go back out because I was freaked by what I saw. I just couldn’t figure out what I had just seen.”

Source: mufon
Filmed in Galveston, Texas. 9/6/2021 03:03 am.
Many thanks to the author of the original video.

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