Fleet of orange balls of Light over Michigan.

Source Link: Elizabeth Rainbow Dancer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuYcgrcg-xI
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On her channel you can watch all 7 videos from this event:

This UFO sighting was filmed over Allegan, Michigan 7/27/2019 by Elizabeth Rainbow Dancer.
She states: “We would love to know what they are… there was so much love in our hearts when we saw them… undeniably extreme unconditional Love.
UFOs were changing direction, popping in and out or change speed, these are balls of plasma with something controlling them or they had consciousness themselves… nothing we know moves like that except things that are alive.
I have seen them 3 times.
I prayed for a year to see them Up close & Personal, then it happened ! Narragansett RI 2015
They were 12 feet overhead ! I was a welder in the Electric power plant for many years, I know Electricity, my flame, and welders arc !
It was not a flame, arc, or electricity ! It was definitely Plasma in the center ! With the outside circumference about 1 & 1/2 inch reddish orange solid color, the plasma was red/orange/yellow like a kaleidoscope of colors… they are amazing. I do not know what they are or where they are from, I only know I felt total unconditional love like I have known them for 100 years and missed them & was so happy to see them again.
I am the hypnosis person for MUFON in Rhode Island and New Hampshire.
These videos were taken on 36th st. facing Lincoln Rd in Allegan, Michigan July 2019
The real funny thing is, I was driving with my friend Dotty and telling her, how I saw these reddish orange balls of light here in 2014… and just as I spoke it, they came over the tree line !!!”

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