Experts weigh in after Charlotte ‘UFO’ sighting –

A UFO enthusiast believes he has caught the moment an alien face rose up from the ashes of a smoking volcano.

Alien face allegedly spotted rising up from PopocatépetlWEBCAMSDEMEXICO.COM

SIGHTNG: Alien face allegedly spotted rising up from Popocatépetl volcano

The strange photo – believed to have been taken from a live stream recording of the Popocatépetl volcano – appears to show a face forming from the ash cloud on Saturday morning.

The “face” cloud includes an eye, a nose and a mouth as it looks up towards the sky.

Local media reported the Popocatépetl – which is is the most active volcano in Mexico – had experienced 40 “exhalations” over a period of a few hours.

Scott C Waring, who runs the UFO Sightings Daily blog, believes the bizarre sighting is further proof of alien activity and an underground base beneath the volcano.

Close-up of the alleged alien faceWEBCAMDEMEXICO.COM

ALIEN: UFO enthusiast Scott C Waring believes it is proof of an alien base below the volcano

“This is not randomness – this is the deep thought of an alien”

Scott C Waring

Waring said: “Clouds can be easily be manipulated by powerful alien thoughts.

“This is not randomness, this is the deep thought of an alien in the base 4km below this volcano.

“We have observed and recorded hundreds of UFOs coming from the mouth of this volcano.”

One of those alleged sightings was a blue-coloured “UFO orb” which was spotted flying away as Popocatépetl spewed ash.

Footage also emerged of a strange object flying around Popocatépetl volcano during the same week of eruption in April this year.

The country’s National Centre for Disaster Prevention has set up a 12km safety zone surrounding the volcano.

Popocatépetl’s last eruption occurred in August this year as it spewed lava, rocks and a 2,000 metre ash column.

Check out the original source here.

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