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DEDHAM, MA — For those that want to believe that something is out there, two people claim they saw a UFO and military aircrafts while driving on Route 1 and Interstate 95 in Dedham.

Here’s the Sept. 2 report from the National UFO Reporting Center.

“My fiancé and I were driving south on Providence Highway in Dedham, MA when we saw four lights in the sky in a perfect straight line, equal distance from each other. They didn’t appear to be moving and we got it on video. I have definitely seen interesting lights in the sky in this area several times before so I did not think much of it.
The following evening I was with my fiancé and a friend. We were driving on I-95 south in Dedham (a mile or so from the lights the night before) when we saw the same 4 lights in the sky. This time the light furthest to the right was brighter than the rest. We decided to stay on the highway to continue watching these lights. At one point we were heading directly underneath the brightest light. When we got real close I observed a diamond shaped craft with four big lights on the bottom in a diamond pattern. In between those lights were a bunch of smaller white lights.

When we were directly under it my fiancé’s phone screen froze and gray lines showed up across the screen. Then my car radio went static. There had to be other witnesses, everyone driving on the highway was slowing down to stare at these lights

Once we were no longer directly underneath the ufo we witnessed 2 military aircraft show up out of nowhere and begin flying toward the lights. One got close to the brightest one and quickly changed direction and flew away. We started having trouble seeing the lights for a few minutes due to trees and stuff but by the time we got a decent view again the 2 aircraft were flying next to each other in the opposite direction of the lights.I got a good look and it was definitely a military aircraft. They flew away until we could not see them anymore. The lights remained unmoving.

While the lights being an actual UFO is unlikely, sometimes it’s fun to wonder if we’re alone and if we were visited, how would the aliens come.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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