Black Triangle Sighting in Thousand Oaks, California on July 4th 2008 – 3 lights appeared to be separating and somehow ‘united in purpose’. They continually got closer, I called a friend who also observed 3 lights.


I remember the event clearly. It was fourth of July weekend, 2008. I had stepped away from our group, and went outside. After a few minutes, I noticed the lights, it was just after sunset, and while there were a few stars in the sky, these stood out to me, but I wasn’t sure why.

As I stood, watching them I found myself mesmerized (not unusually so) at the movement they were making. The brightness and intensity of the lights could have been easily equated to a star. There was nothing ‘unusual’ about the movement, they just seemed to be getting closer, and the 3 points of light seemed to be ‘disconnected’ . . . meaning the lights remind me of the common ‘triangle lights’ that are seen with sightings, only the 3 points that I saw were not connected physically.

Someone at the party stepped out and asked me to come inside. I called him by name, and asked him to take a look at the lights & tell me what he thought. He took an incredibly brief look and said, “they’re stars”, and began to head inside & waved me into the house. I said, “They’re getting closer”. He paused for a second, looked directly at them, and validated my claim, adding that it was very disturbing and strange, and encouraged me, once again, to go inside.

As much as I wanted to remain, I heeded his concerns (and accepted the dismissal of the event) and after a few moments, went inside.

I could add a bit more about their movement, how they/it seemed to be so close. I recently had another event with “light /shadow” which would help me to explain a bit more in detail about what I think was happening.

special note: have worked with high tech parts that may be used for an EM cloak.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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