Black Triangle Sighting in Tarbolton, on April 13th 2015 – Accidentally photographed. 30 sec exposure which caused no blur. Not a plane. Have Raw image with excellent image.


My sister and I are new to photography. On the evening of Monday 13th April 2015, we decided to visit our local graveyard to attempt star trails. We arrived at 10PM (UK time) and we were there no longer than 10:20PM.

After taking several photographs and it became increasingly cold, we decided to give up for the night. On looking though the photographs, I spotted a shape and a few lights in the back ground over a house on the other side of the Church. To my disbelief, I could clearly see a triangular shaped object over the house with various bright lights.

At this time, we heard and saw nothing. There was barley a sound. The part that confused us the most is that to do light trails, you need a long exposure, meaning anything that moves and cause lights should blur. This did not which may indicate that it was perfectly stationary mid air during the full 30 second exposure.

I have shown a lot of people this image, and everyone, even the skeptics have a hard time understanding what this object is.

One thing to point out that due to computer issues and a failure to set date/time on my camera, the date and time stamps are wrong. I do however have the original RAW camera file taken on the night.

Please note that we did not hear or see anything on the night as we were focused on the surrounding graveyard.

Please can you let us know your opinions/findings of this.

Kind Regards.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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