Black Triangle Sighting in Québec, Quebec on 2020-10-13 01:43:00 – Spinning bright light followed by v shape from orbit passing in front of the bright light.

Around 1:20 am in, i witnessed the brightest light in the sky that seemed to be spinning on its axe. with my cellphone i took pictures (including x-ray vision) and recorded a long video from my 3rd floor balcony. you can actually see the corner of roof building while attempting to capture these evidences.

this is related to my initial report case number: 112393 where the 19 sec. video failed to upload. the report highlights a v shape formation pattern, out of orbit passing in front of a bright light (star/planet/ufo) *not sure what to call it since it was turning, spinning, emitting various spectrum lights and rotating change while standing totally fixed in the sky for at least and hour before going to bed. do not when you zoom in it moves that simply because my hands were shaking. if you focus closely on the light, you can see around it debris movements increasing highly as the light inflate, deflate and rotate which was quite intriguing in the first place.

1. what is the light?
2. what is the v shape formation caught around 2:27 minutes in the video?

details: the video was recorded at 1:43 am, on october 13, 2020 in quebec city in clear sky. the v shape ascending was invisible to the naked eye and was only detected the next day upon reviewing up close the bright star rotating.

you may view the v shape around 2:27 minutes from the top right corner going down left corner of the screen. enjoy taking screen shot to see the difference of lights from the 7 points forming v that maintain its shape at a fast speed.

hopefully someone can provide clarifications on these two finding so that i may stop shaking my head. thanks

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