Black Triangle Sighting in Port St. Lucie, Florida on 2019-08-07 22:12:00 – Silent black triangle with band of yellow lights

I was sitting on my patio, having a cup of tea. the patio faces due south, and i saw what i thought was a star on the horizon. then, the "star" suddenly moved several inches to the right on the horizon (a large distance since it was so far off). then it suddenly zoomed closer, so within 1-2 seconds it was close enough that it was about an inch tall in the sky. it was a dark triangle silhouetted against the clouds, pointing upright/vertically, and had a band of yellow lights down the center (from the tip of the triangle to the middle of the base). it stayed in that spot for a few seconds, then it smoothly moved to the right (about 6" in the sky, a large distance), then it moved to the left (again, over a large distance), then right again, and then almost seemed to float for a minute. i didn't have my glasses, so i ran in the house to get them. when i got back out (glasses on), it had moved to the west side of the house. it didn't have the band of yellow lights anymore, it just had one red light on at the top point of the triangle. it was close enough that if it were a plane, helicopter or drone i would've heard it, but this was completely silent. it wasn't causing any wind or disturbance, and my pet was on the patio at the time and didn't seem disturbed either. it stopped in the sky on the west side and as i was staring straight at it, it stayed in place but just faded out of sight until it disappeared. at first it looked blurry but then it faded more and more until it was gone, it only took about 5 seconds for me not to be able to see it anymore. i tried taking a picture but it just came out a blurry dot against a black background, i couldn't get anything helpful.

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