Black Triangle Sighting in Northampton, on July 20th 2015 – was driving home and saw this massive triangular silver shaped object in the sky


I believe it was the fall of 1980 when a friend and I were leaving a third floor apartment facing the Atlantic Ocean in Hollywood Florida. After leaving apartment going down outdoor staircase we observed a silver disc shape craft coming down through the atmosphere creating an expanding cloud trail behind it before crashing into the ocean it made a 90 degree turn going east over over Atlantic Ocean. While standing there excited and baffled about what we had just seen two Air Force jets/ (F-16’s possibly),came screaming north up the coastline crossing each other’s path in the expanding cloud trail that came down through the atmosphere. We knew it was a ufo as we were watching it, when it made the turn over the ocean it was moving probably three times faster than the fighter jets that came up the coast to investigate. The craft was completely silent. After walking down the stairs to the parking lot their was a man in his car that asked us if we saw that thing and the three of us discussed what we had seen when the fighter jets made there way south again crossing in this expanding cloud trail that came down through the sky. It was kind of like the cloud trail created by the space shuttle when it exploded.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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