Black Triangle Sighting in New York, New York on 2016-11-19 01:00:00 – 3 triangle like objects hovering in the sky


We observed two dark objects pass over riverside casino as it was caught in lights shining up illuminating front of building.

following the starworks ufo conference, witness #2 (or w2) and i walked along the colorado river front from the aquarius resort upriver to the highway 163 bridge, along the river walk in front of the laughlin casinos. we walked across the bridge and noticed the beautifully lit riverfront casino and hotel. we were taking pictures of the scenery from the arizona side of the river when w2 first noticed the object.

she first called my attention to the first object as we were looking across river toward casino with a “what's that?” and pointed toward the casino. i had been looking down at my iphone, changing the settings on my camera app. i quickly looked up and saw a fleeting glimpse of the first object as it moved out of light beam.

we watched for a few moments more – about 10 seconds to a minute – when she said, “there's another one”. at first i almost couldn't see it. then i noticed same type of shape as the first one. again, it was a fleeting glimpse, no more than a second or two.

both objects were shadowy and indistinct, roughly crescent, boomerang or chevron shaped. i could only see the leading edge clearly, which was lighter in color and caught the hotel lights.

they traveled smoothly from n to s, over the riverfront casino building, passing through the light beam.

length of crescent was approximately half fingernail width at arm's length. there was no sound associated with the objects.

second one moved same way as first, illuminated by hotel lights projecting up. it appeared to be passing directly over the building at approximately half-again the bldg height. (using the theodolite app on my iphone, i measured it to be about 10 degrees elevation from horizontal).

i estimate the speed to be about twice to four times walking speed.

we observed each object for about one to two seconds and lost sight of each when it passed out of hotel light beam.

we talked about it for a few moments, trying to decide what it was.
we waited about five to ten more minutes for another of the objects to appear. i had my iphone camera set to video with maximum zoom, but unfortunately we didn't see any more of the objects. we gave up and decided to walk back across the bridge toward the nevada side of the river.

we decided as we were walking back across the bridge, that we would each write down our descriptions of the sighting before we discussed it further. we jotted quick notes on the sighting as we ate dinner in the mexican restaurant across the street from the riverfront casino. this is my description from my notes that night.

witness 2 description (copied from her notes)
observed two objects passing over the riverfront hotel.
at the time of the sighting, we were about a half mile from the hotels standing on the sidewalk along st. hwy 163 near a stoplight just across the river on the arizona side. we stopped to take photos of where we were staying.

after the starworksusa conference ended, around 5pm, w1 and i took a walk along the river walkway. the moon was full and the temperature was in the 50's. i wanted to see the small helicopter that was landed (displayed) along the river walk. the helicopter was not there but we decided to keep walking.

the path led to the state hwy 163 bridge over the colorado river and we decided to walk across it. on the bridge we passed a man on a bicycle who appeared to be homeless. after we crossed the bridge i turned around and noticed the nice view of the hotels, we stopped walking and took pictures. then i noticed something moving above the riverside hotel/casino in the light and pointed it out to w1. he saw it as well.

i saw a dark, curved boomerang shaped object. what appeared to be the back underside was clearly defined but i could not make out the far side of the object against the dark sky. the lights from the top of the hotel lit the underside and front edge as it moved down river. the edge was well defined and easy to see. then as we watched, another one appeared a bit lower and moved in the same manner. there were no lights or sound.

we observed a helicopter landing at the airport about 2 miles away, 10 minutes prior, and also saw two shooting stars after seeing the objects. we later observed other air traffic but nothing was as low as what we saw.
venus was also in the sky.

note: there was a man in the riverside park below us walking his large dog, where we stopped to take photos. he may have seen the objects as well.

file 1: view of hotel from location where we stood when we saw objects.
(not including ufos)
file 2: screenshot of w1 notes/sketch of sighting,
recorded approx 1 hr afterward
file 3: map pointing with arrow pointing in the direction we were looking


For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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