Black Triangle Sighting in Kandahar, Kandahar on 2021-10-12 21:30:00 – Fast flying object appears in netflix documentary on war in afghanistan

I was watching on my tablet the documentary on netflix called “turning point “ about 911 and the war in afghanistan. in season 1 episode 5 called “graveyard of empires� there is a scene with a shot of the afghanistan mountains with the sun going down. i noticed an incredibly fast moving object over the afghanistan mountains. i slowed the video down to 50% and then used my iphone on slow motion to take a short slow motion video of that part of the episode playing on my tablet at 50% speed. a voice was interviewing donald trump and said “ do you believe that american boots should stay on the ground in afghanistan�? i freeze framed the video at the point where he said “the “ ground, and it clearly shows what looks like a triangular object flying across the entire mountain range and back in less than a second. the object darts across the screen from the middle of the mountains to the upper right side of the screen, then changes direction and flies from the upper right to the lower left side of the screen in less than a second. i will attempt to download the video. you can view it for yourself on netflix. it appears at the point where there is 30 minutes and 18 seconds left in the episode ( watching the time counter on the right of the screen). this documentary is about the war in afghanistan, and never mention anything about ufo’s, i just happened to notice it in the frame. the object continues to also dart up and down on the left side of the screen, then rapidly ascends at a 45 degree angle upwards to the right and disappears. if you watch the documentary on a tablet you can easily freeze frame it for yourself. it is really clear in the slow motion video that i took and have downloaded here. the object is moving at amazing speed and can’t be detected until you slow down the video.

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