Black Triangle Sighting in Hawaii on 1994-07-04 00:00:00 – Very large dark grey or black triangular shape with three half domes.Half domes were at three ends of the triangle.


When i was a child, around 12 years old, maybe younger, my friends and i were outside playing with fire crackers. it was either 4th of july or new years eve, i can't remember. three of my friends and i were outside on the street in hawaii kai, hi. close to the area called portlock. while we were messing around in the street something very dark and very large came into our view, maybe 200ft above us. as it came closer, the street lights that it passed changed from a low luminescent orange to a bright, light blue. as the craft came very slowly above us, i became paralyzed and couldn't move my body. i was able to move my eyes around and observed that my three friends were also in a paralyzed state, looking up in shock. the ufo was triangular shaped and had three half domes at each end. dark, and i remember it not having a smooth bottom, but rather complicated similar to a sci-fi fi movie. there is a brief moment of time, seconds, that i can't recall. as it slowly passed over us, at a walking pace, the street lights changed back to their normal orange glow. this happened one by one and down the street path as it passed. i remember as soon as the lights changed back, i was “let loose”, along with my three friends and we all looked at each other in terror and ran back inside to tell our parents what just happened. our parents were drunk and partying and dismissed our story all together. as kids, we continued the night inside and i dont remember anything afterwords.

after the incident it seemed like we all forgot what happened. several years later i moved from hawaii and from my friends. as life went on, that moment was always in the back of my mind, but i wasn't sure if it really happened or if it was a dream. when i was 19 i went back to hawaii and reunited with my friends. only one of them still resides there and i asked him if he recalled a time that this happened to all of us or if it was just a dream or my imagination. in his hawaiian pigeon, he confirmed the incident with me actually happened, and also said he thought it was a dream.

several more years later i went to las vegas to meet with my buddy who still lives in hawaii, and to also meet with my other two friends from the incident. i brought this incident up with everyone and all four of us experienced the same thing and confirmed that it was not a dream.

i have a couple other observations, but this event was absolutely the most significant.

the truth is on its way and i am waiting patiently!

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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