Black Triangle Sighting in Granbury, Texas – Observed triangle shaped object smaller than private aircraft, larger than consumer drone fly directly over my house.

I went onto the side deck of my home approximately 12:20am to take a dog out to use the bathroom and saw a reddish ball in the sky flying approximately 236âºsw to 64âºne. initial thought was, “wow, i’ve never seen a planet look quite that large.” then i realize it’s not a planet and it’s moving in my direction. not generally in my direction. right toward my home. i do not hear sound, but i am hearing impaired in specific frequency ranges. as it gets closer, i’m wondering if someone is playing around with a drone and i possibly hear a quiet pulsating sound, not whirring. the closer it gets, i realize it seems to be a triangle shape and does have a red pulsating light. it’s seems much larger than a consumer drone would be (people do fly them in the area during the day), but smaller than a craft that would be manned. i have no experience estimating altitude, but it was low enough that i could tell the surface was dull, dark and non-reflective. i did not detect any propellers. there was little to no wind that i detected at the time, but unsure at its altitude. that oddest thing was the flight. even from a distance it seemed to wobble. not a smooth glide that i would expect from a military-grade drone. it passes over my home, so i run to the rear deck and it keeps going over the lake, past the trees and i visually lose the object. there is a ladder nearby so i climb up it, but am still unable to see it. i would guess the entire event took under 10 minutes.

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