Black Triangle Sighting in Ellington, Connecticut on 2003-08-05 18:19:00 – Seen ufo

It was about 1130 pm. on aug 5 my wife my daughter and myself were taking acountry drive through somers ellington area seen light in sky thought it was alight on tower i told my wife to keep eye on light in sky so i could find aplace to pull over. my wife watched light circle from the right passenger sideof the car coming over the rode to drivers side it was banking left and right ata hight speed going straight up then it dropped like a rock about tree top levelover the road from passengers side to drivers side tree top level then aboutthat time i found a place to pull over the car and watch it. and for a second ilost track of it at that time i noticed it had stopped dead on the other side ofthe car and proceeded now from left to right from drivers side to passengersside through an open field 30 feet over the road and about 25-30 feet in frontof the car the lights on it were one white light on the tip and 2 red ones ateach wing of the tringle shapped craft and it made no noise. when it exceleratedit started dipping and swooping fast at that poing i couldent beleave that itdidnt crash going towards the ground so close and heading for the tree lineacross the field where it dropped behind the treeline, gone.We sat talking about what we just seen. myself i could see no windows no landinggear wheels nothing. it made no sound the crafts body itself was triangular inshape but as close as it was and the fact that my highbeams on my honda elementwere close anough to light up a nats ass a fifty paces we could not make out anybody markings or stile which was odd in itsself. it made no noise. it was bigand you could tell its black shape with the fixed lights.I will say that thereis nothing man made that could come that close to my car that anyone could notidentify. im x military 82 airborne special forces.My wife is a trainer head cashier my daugter is on unemployment. we should havebeen able at that distance to rule out any man made craft. on the way home westopped at the whole donut on rt 190 in hazardville ct. and by chance wastelling some of the people in there and the gentleman that was driving the motorcycle told me that he had passed us and remembered my car and said he seen it towhile he was in the same ares and had the same description.

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