Black Triangle Sighting in Cottage Grove, Oregon – 3 lights in an equilateral triangle formation flew past my house at a low level

I live outside out of town in a rural forested area. our house sits on a hill within a small valley.

around 12:25 am 8/4/2020 i heard a jetlike noise coming from outside and our dog began to bark. i looked out my bedroom window and saw 3 yellow lights in an equilateral triangle formation flying past my house in a straight line down the valley. they were at a low altitude from what i could tell, above the treeline but not by much. the sound it emitted wasn’t strikingly loud – just a rush of air as it flew by. i would estimate it flew by at around 50mph – at a constant, steady pace like a car, not overly fast.

it was out of sight within a few seconds so i ran outside to try and get a picture of it, but by then it had already flown out of sight beyond the treeline. others in my family heard the noise but no one else looked outside. i can safely eliminate commercial jets due to the altitude and noise, helicopters due to the noise, and drones due to the area and speed. military jets do fly over our area sometimes but always at a far greater speed and volume of noise. i have never seen/heard anything like this before.

media includes view from my window with lights drawn at approximate scale/color/formation. (when event occured it was dark out). media also includes google map of our area with an estimated flight path and location of the lights when i saw them.

Read more & see it on a MAP

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