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Hello everyone. I’m Nat. First of all from me – welcome. The stats inform me that at least 200 people have joined this sub in response to perceived censorship at that “other” UFO site. I just wanted to give you the viewpoint of a long time member of this most excellent sub. I don’t speak for the mods. That’s Kiwi who has built this excellent community up single-handedly. So I hope you can forgive my hubris in making a general statement, but, I feel there is such a huge and sudden change in demographic I feel it’s important to say something about recent events and how things were before.

First this sub – in my opinion – is really the best on the internet. It has an amazing mix of people ranging from believers of the more wild aspects of the extra dimensional hypothesis, to complete sceptics, and we all mostly manage to engage in fulfilling and respectful discourse. I’ll be straight with you, my worry is that the number of people who joined as a direct consequence of the Mage UFO incident are going to tilt things completely away from the balance we have achieved so far, which is a broad consensus of what is worthy posting and rational discourse. In that the newcomers – so far – are defined by their belief in one UFO incident and a reaction to another sub, which like all is open to question, rather than their own complicated personal views based on study of the subject which are professed over time. Therefore we run a risk of Mage protectors vs the existing and deep continuum of UFO discourse.

I’ve seen this already in that none of the usual posts are being up-voted and anything to do with Maje is being up voted. People are being closed down with non evidence based posts about censorship rather than a discussion of the facts and how we can verify them, on the basis that there is “something fishy going on”. Some posts are really well written but a large number of posts are written with monosyllabic answers with people who have nicknames involving dicks, shits and anal beads. Now, I love these things obviously, 😉 but I have a concern that we are going to lower the level of intelligent and invaluable discourse on this most complicated of subjects to a purely reactionary phenomenon rather than an exploration of truth and how we can arrive at it. which to me would be really sad, given how this is such an important and unfairly maligned subject. And how poor other subs are. There;s an important discussion to be had about when “censhorship” or moderation is necessary. Some may say there should be none. But I ask you do you want to be part of another sub that is full of unsubstantiated claims and second hand experience rather than something people can learn from?

From recent posts it seems that some may feel we should be grateful of the numbers of people bolstering our profile while “fleeing from oppression”, bu that is a really self centred view. This sub could easily be bigger if it was based on a desire for popularity vs truth. I think the reason you joined is not not just as a reaction to your previous community., but that it was because it has high quality posts . I absolutely don’t want this sub to descend to the level UFOs which you’ve left, and perhaps knowing the sketchy stuff posted there you can appreciate that. I’m also well aware that even posting this community opinion may rightfully annoy the mod here. If so I’m sorry.

I just wanted to invite you all as individuals – not ex members of another sub – to engage in polite and deep discourse, and understand that those who are sceptical aren’t censoring, they are people who want this subject to be treated with scientific rigour and caution. By all means believe that there was a UFO crash at Mage, but don’t let your belief blind you to what else this sub has to offer. For what i’s worth, I am am an unequivocal believer in non human visitation and UFO crashes. I am so far sceptical of the current incident mediated by Twitter, but I am willing to be persuaded by evidence and friendly chat. I don’t speak for the community but I personally look forward to hearing your well thought our views and takes on things and hope you will give like credence to those who demand qualifications and evidence before considering information. Anyway I waffle. Lets – continue – to make this sub great – and have respect for it’s long history of great content .Anyway I feel horribly exposed by posting my feelings like this, but I have been thinking about it it for a while and hope you understand I am sincere even if you think I’m mistaken. Best wishes to you all.

PS. If you think I am a spook or a fed or denier my history is open for you to inspect.

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  1. Recent UFO news could be a player in all the new people. We’ve also got a huge chunk of the world’s population physical distancing and trying to stay sane at home. While the pandemic is a threat, this may well be the norm.

    Also, can someone help clarify something? I really enjoy how UFO and ET stories share many similarities to stories from ancient civilizations, mythology and religion. Needless to say I like work from Vallée, Mack and Pasulka, who all have a great ability to see the topic from a wide variety of disciplines. But I find it makes people uncomfortable when I bring it up. Some people are even telling me its not good for the UFO community, whatever that means. Are we just here to talk about investigations and scientific evidence? Is it taboo to bring philosophy, theology, psychology and history into the conversation to deepen our understanding of what is happening and how this may shape humanity going forward?

  2. Some fuckery is afoot but I’m more inclined to believe it’s the mod axolotl rather than CaerBanog.

    r/conspiracy if that’s more your cup of yea. r/aliens essentially has no moderation at all so is equally good. There is a thread there with thousands of comments on the #UFOcrashPeru that is happening right now.

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