Balls of Light, UFOs, and BIGFOOT – Interview w/Stan Gordon | The Richard Dolan Show

Richard Dolan interviews Stan Gordon, one of the most experienced and respected UFO researchers in the world. Stan has spent more than 60 years actively studying UFOs and has operated perhaps the longest-running UFO hotline in the world in Western Pennsylvania. Stan is also a leading researcher of Sasquatch or Bigfoot and is not afraid to discuss potential connections between UFO and Bigfoot sightings. This interview discusses the phenomenon of seemingly intelligent balls of light and then moves into a deep dive into Bigfoot. Part two of this interview is available exclusively at

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  1. Richard, I had an encounter in Dec 2018 (around Winter Solstice) with 2 orange spheres. I was at my front window as I was getting ready to turn off the light in my snail tank for the night as it's was around 10pm. I looked up out the window and saw this low flying orange orb coming across the open green space across the street. At first I thought maybe it's a helicopter so I opened the window and didn't hear a sound as I only saw the one orb at first. As it came towards the house, as it was about to fly over. I ran to the back of the house and opened the window. Again. no sound as I watched the first orb continue on just above the treetops in the back yard. About 10 -15 secs later then the second orb flew across the treetops following the one that just went by. The orbs were about the size of a basketball and look like small orange fire-like balls of light. I knew they were not drones as the small city I live in (located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada near Lake Erie) doesn't allow for drone flights due to the proximity of the small Municipal airport just outside of town. This was one of many strange sightings/experiences I've had over my lifetime. Also, it has been said that Bigfoot is responsible for meeting ships who are bringing the souls of the Star children and placing them in the mother's womb shortly before birth. Many have come from all over the Universe to be incarnated for these times to assist humanity in the Great Awakening. This is how some races have chosen to bring their star children here and Bigfoot is an integral role for these incarnations to happen. I truly believe that I am one of them as I was born in the early 70's and my mother was in the area of Chestnut Ridge, PA of the summer of '73 visiting my Aunt. (oddly enough I was born in Sept 1973 in Canada) It explains a lot of things that happened in my childhood up until present day. This is a different program that star races were running than the abduction & hybridization program of other visitors. Great interview and much ❤.

  2. I had close encounters.
    •The aliens wore camouflage:
    Like video calling two outfacing phones making the center object transparent. When they turn they become a shadow creature like the screen has a privacy screen protector, or a imageless light like the screen is a low viewing angle one. Sometimes like looking through a glass sculpture. Either way when they turn usually towards the two video calling screens make them transparent. Physical creature, walked everywhere crouching, arms almost touching the ground. There was another one I saw about 2 ft tall, and a few other ones. Creatures spoke telepathically. Their voice was sometimes deep like flat burping during every word, or death metal vocals, while changing pitch faster than humanly possible.
    •They had small orbs of scattering light basketball sized that moved nearby objects, disappeared, and re appeared, flew through walls including metal, created an echo, sometimes made something like a fan freeze without a spin down time, and also I had time slips during that time where the best way I can explain is there was a temporary predicted future experience, and time returned into universe time where the events didn’t yet happen, and not only were an amazing prediction, often times not replicable, but also changeable. So what are they doing on this planet because they literally brake causality of future time. Also the UFO I saw (black metal, dome roof, silver band where walls went down, and one step before the flat ish bottom.) this thing made some white lights that went up, and they disappeared above it, and re appeared on the same flight path on another similar looking object above it, but this time the light illuminated the one under it. I’m guessing gravitational redshift made the light visible on the surface. Time dilation is very similar to gravitational redshift. Crouch walking ghost camouflage creature seen day before, and after.

  3. As a long-term resident of rural Pennsylvania, I can say that, yes, there is a lot of high strangeness occurring in these wooded and mountain areas. This is a huge, shadowy, wooded state. People in the sticks generally keep their business to themselves. Stories and experiences usually stay within small circles of people.
    And, there ARE some seriously wild stories and experiences floating around.
    One useful method of detecting credibility when listening to personal experiences of these sorts, is this: I look for real, serious Fear in the teller. Not excitement, or awe, or wonder. Nothing like that.
    People who have encounters with things that do not fit into our views of reality, are shaken and shocked to the very core of their being. And not in a positive way.
    You are never truly safe again. You cant go home.
    There are frightened, confused people out here. And they usually keep the details hidden.

  4. Am i the only one that doesnt understand the Bigfoot interest?
    I see it as completely plausible within all our known laws of physics, chemistry and biology, that an undiscovered species of mammal, somewhere between gorilla and neanderthal, might exist somewhere on Earth. But i dont see the need for the obsessive interest some people have for that?
    People didnt go crazy for Australopithecus, didnt research conspiracy theories regarding that, (granted its not alive today but still).
    People barely bat an eye at that discovery.

    Then of course there's the whole magical attachment to the Bigfoot mystery, which deals with "are they time travellers", or "they can cloak like the Predator", which just goes all out insane with the theories, merging it with the UFO topic without any real connections, just because perhaps they themselves realized that just being fascinated about a big primate in the woods isnt mysterious enough, so they had to embellish the stories and add magic to it as well.

    I dont know.. I just dont have a shred of interest about Bigfoot.
    Could a big semi-intelligent neanderthal-like primate exist in 2022?
    Sure, why not?
    Would it be facinating to see how they live their lives compared to us?
    Sure, but nobody researching Bigfoot seems to take any interest in how human tribal settlements live their lives.
    So i just dont get it i guess.
    It's not even a mystery to me. It's just obviously possible, without the time travelling dimension warping being required.
    It'd be just like doing a show about Orangutangs. Interesting if you're into primates, but not much else.

    And why does the UFO topic have to intersect with every other mystery in the world and in a surrogate way attempt to add legitimacy to them?
    Just because the UFO topic is a real phenomenon, doesnt mean we also have to believe in Ghosts, Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster or Leprechauns.
    I just feel like so many other things are leeching off the UFO researchers, to try to gain legitimacy in a weird surrogate kind of way.

  5. great guest thanks Rich! it's definitely a topic in 'bigfoot communities' and the two are seemingly related. my guess about 2-5% of BF sightings involve UFO/Orb phenomenon, based on hearing Steve read emails on How to Hunt channel. Lots of evidence shared there.

  6. Tectonic plate movement can cause "lights" in the sky. Perhaps a system of deep passages open allowing travel between the inner and outer worlds create the same kind of lights?.
    Bigfoot could be a traveler between worlds. Whole families may come through, but only for a short time. Never here long enough to be caught, and always near and exit.

  7. A sheriff at Holter Lake in MT told my dad this story as I remember it: a local drunk with ferocious dogs called the cops to his trailer house, where his dogs were uncharacteristically terrified and hiding under the home. The drunk said that a 9-foot-tall sasquatch had walked up his driveway & scared him and his dogs almost to death. The dogs still refused to come out. He said the sasquatch had smelled terrible and as it walked, its feet were a foot off the ground. This was probably in the early 1970s in the mountains where lots of paranormal stuff has happened.

  8. I had an encounter with one of these orbs/balls of light back in 1998 in the Georgia woods just south of Atlanta. It’s a long wild story but it started out as a transparent type object moving thoroughly a field in the dark, that turned into a glowing rod that was shot 3 ft long and then it condensed itself into a ball of light looking similar to a flash light. One of the strangest part of this encounter is that I noticed the orb didn’t emit any light meaning it did not light up anything around it. Very bizarre encounter and I’ll never forget it.

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