Alien Encounter in Wisconsin on 2019-11-20 00:00:00 – Abducted out of bedroom window

In about november of 2019 after i had fallen asleep and i was woken up by my whole body vibrating under me as i was sleeping on my back. immediately i had an out of body experience, and i saw a white orb stretching my covers towards the window. it was so bright that light was shinning through the blankets and quilt. the next thing i knew i was laying on my back and unable to move. then i had another out of body experience, this time i was on my right side of where my body was laying. i saw a black transparent cloud over my body, with parts coming out of it over my arms and torso. at the head of the table was a light green alien, very skinny or slender body and very tall. he had a seriously mean look on his face, or perhaps it was because he was so concentrating on me. across from me was a small gray and looking in my direction. the gray sent me a telepathic message to let me know they were not going to harm me. i also picked up from the gray that he was finally glad to meet me. there was also a faint shadow, almost ghost like over his face and there was a smile on it. then i was drawn back into a dream like state, where i was sitting down, with my legs flat out in front of me. then there was a blue/black steel revolver laying beside me. then it was in my hand and two look alike, not all detail complete, people in my life came at me crawling on all fours looking like they were possessed or zombified ready to tear my throat open. i shot them both in the forehead twice, they disappeared and then came back with the evidence, but now their faces lost the aggression and were peaceful. i thought strange. the next thing i knew was i was waking up in my bed.
two weeks later, while i was at work, i picked up a telepathic message concerning myself that the aliens had communicated to the government, that i had a weak mind but that i had a better than average tenacity for survival.
i should add here that i have had several out of body experiences, and have telepathic ability of sorts. when i was younger, dreams of flying, or moving things with my mind. have, at least i think i can have an influence on the weather.
btw, i tend to get things i am interested in, in the supernatural. i was sort of curious what an alien abduction would be like, so that one was probably on me.
so, let me tell you a bit of my past. i worked for a company back in the mid nineties who knew i was special, and kept me under pressure just i think to see what i could do besides my regular job. i let it be known that i was interested in being pushed to my extreme. so, the contacted the university and remotely put me under pressure. i had to agree telepathically to do it or it wouldn’t work. anyway, for six month they did it, each of the first five months, once a month they did it, and it pushed me deep into my subconsciousness, where i found information to advance the thinking of the human race. each time it was something new. but i can’t remember what they were. the sixth month, they pushed me even harder and it forced me into what i describe as the white room. it was pure thought. it was like the center of the universe, a safe place. nothing could touch me there. now if someone is a threat to me and are angry with me and tell a woman, i not only feel their emotions but have been woken up from sleep like they are next to me saying the words. yeah, i am that guy. of course, i have been under investigation for years, am being watched by the government, ours and who know what other ones. for the most part i just ignore it all and live my life. occasionally i get into trouble by texting something or saying something someone doesn’t like. anyway, back at the old job, the boss would tell people that i have done humanly impossible things. i hope all this helps.
oh, one other thing, while at my old job, people in the company would come to me telepathically occasionally and ask me questions, or tell me stories to get my reactions. once they asked me “are you an alien?” we are all probably aliens. jesus christ states, “you are in the world, but not of it”

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