Alien Encounter in Vacaville, California on 2017-07-08 07:10:00 – Aliens or perceived alien beings held me down and were playing with my head. one was typing on a flat invisible device


This morning on the day of july 8, 2017, i experienced another alien abduction or what i perceive to be an abduction. im lying on my back and i cannot move my body whatsoever. i can only move my head from side to side. im struggling to wake up like i do when i have sleep paralysis. i see alien figure shadows on the ceiling drifting in and out of view. the shadows are dark but see through. i hear a pink/white flesh colored being laughing a roaring laugh at me watching me struggle to move. there were multiple beings in my room just out of view. i am praying to jesus the whole time because i know that they are experimenting with me. im terrified. im trying to wake up desperately. i feel like they were keeping me in that state. also, another being had his hand above my head moving it in sync with my head movements like someone moving a hand over a crystal ball. he was either following my movement or making me move my head that way. also, this same being or another was typing on an invisible technological device with one hand as if inputting results from my behavior. im terrified the whole time. i just kept praying. their presence is so strong. this is the 2nd time this happened. this has to be real.Also, i am not sure if there is a connection, but i discovered that the roswell crash happened the first week of july 1947. my incident happened 70 years later to the week. this is my 2nd abduction or what i perceive to be an abduction. the strange things is, immediately after the 1st abduction, i ran and told my roommate. i then said “if this happens a 2nd time then i know that it is real.” it happened 1 year later so it has to be real.I will be sharing my first incident as well.

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