Alien Encounter in New York, New York on 2020-11-25 00:00:00 – I live with this everyday.

This story is unbeleivable, i am being used by some aliens to feed off of. this story is something you probably wont believe but i thought i needed to tell someone for the sake of mankind. i do not know if the government knows about this or not or if they would even believe it. this is not a humanode alien. it is more of like a parasite that lives on you and feeds on you. they seek obese, sedintary people to feed off of as i am. they are what i would call a mixture between a jellyfish and a salimander. i know this is hard to understand and i could understand if you did not believe me, but i thought i owed it to mankind to tell someone about this before they enslave everyone before they evan relixe it as i am. thank you ron walzer 585-532-0160.

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