Alien Encounter in Grafton, Massachusetts on 2020-11-24 23:18:00 – Addendum to case 70308

The report that was filed needs clarification as to the reasons why psychological coercion was used to alter recollection and communication of the event in a more concise fashion than was presented in the original submission. the memory of the event was intentionally altered of affect to the credibility through systematic psychological conditioning that has now subsided sufficiently enough for clarification of the circumstances. the discrepancies that were indicated could not be avoided until the psychological manipulation subsided to the point where the traumatic experiences were decreased in the effect to memory and effective relaying of the information. this was common as a deterrent for the more prominent cases that comprise a security consideration that was routine procedure of affect to public recognition to desire to be involved during the time frame when the encounter originally occurred. times have changed, as the public interest has become more pervasive than the need to limit access to database information as a component of government security. silence might have been golden, but forcing people into that frame of mind was counterproductive. at that time, a statistical analysis of what people were prepared to assimilate was not known. this resulted in an exceptional intellectual prejudice of affect to limiting a desire to be involved so as to not comprise a vulnerability to what was then the unknown intentions of alien beings to possibly exert a form of unknown mind control en masse to the general population. my case represented being the victim of these stringent security conditions, as the event happened at such a young age that it was thought that this might represent one of the more serious examples. i started out with a photographic quotient, only to become psychologically disabled as a warning to others if this type of event were to become outside of government regulation to evaluate and contain as an unknown form of collective manipulation towards a possible subversion of military preparedness. there were quite a few people that ended up being the unfortunate victim of this stringent series of government safeguards. fortunately those barriers have largely subsided in our modern society, as the database system over the decades has yielded no ulterior control over public acceptance of the extraterrestrial phenomenon that would be of affect to the department of defense to an unknown form of subversion to the very infrastructure of our society from a proposed alien threat. the invasion theory has cost quite a few minds, myself as one of them, but there was a time when that potential vulnerability had to be regarded as a matter of classified security until information could be successfully assessed in order to decrease those concerns that would lead to downgrading security considerations. absolute certainty is impossible to come by for a matter that is still under evaluation by the military intelligence community. it was the amount of time when nothing occurred that could have if these alien intelligence had an ulterior motivation of affect to the domination and subjugation of humanity. alien beings are transparent in mental telepathy between each other, meaning that the psychic communication of thought processes between them is a natural objectivity. this holds true for the entire collective of that highly evolved intelligence: what affects one affects them all, as they are heightened in sensitivity to the collective unconscious. alien abductions capture quite a bit of attention, as it was not known for many years what the purpose was for these beings to whisk people away in a u.F.O. only to bring them back without a conscious memory of the experience, but capable of being ascertained through missing time and hypnosis that revealed the actuality of an event that could not be easily attributed to unconscious symbols, such as hallucination or dream state. these beings were not experimenting on people, but attempting to entice scientists and intelligence analysts to consciously go aboard a u.F.O. under controlled conditions at secret military installations. to learn how to communicate with a more highly evolved intelligence begins with the premise of submitting. it stands to reason that what is at the very apex of human understanding is that they know how to communicate with us, but we cannot expect to know how to communicate with them. so it is with a hierarchy of intelligence in a timeless universe that is without limited depth that exists for an infinity. it is a common misconception that alien beings are as god over human existence. there was a time when they did incarnate as human, helping to provide an increased social structure in the interpretation of the god force. when the social complexity reached a certain point, humanity became autonomous in scientific and theological development that no longer required such guidance from within. humanity is now ready to understand that these beings yield to an even more highly evolved consciousness than themselves. ultimately, this process goes on for an eternity towards the reality of the one righteous force of the infinite universe. in the space of a few hundred years humanity has gone from being the center of the universe to understanding the creation of the big bang and beyond. it was a clear day with bright sunshine in the year of 1970 in bennington, vermont. (originally reported as midnight without recourse, exact day, month, and time unavailable to conscious facility due to coercion after the fact). i was 10 years of age. (again exact month and days unavailable in recollection associated to the event). my parents were in a shoe store shopping. it was a rural area. i was with a young girl about my same age by the name of linda that was a friend of the family. the two of us had wandered into a grassy field about two blocks from the road. we were talking between each other when we both turned simultaneously to my left to see a metallic disc shaped object hovering motionless about 200 feet away (originally reported as 300 feet without recourse) about 10 feet off of the ground. it was a quiet day, and there was no sound coming from the object whatsoever. it was about 20 feet across (originally reported as 30 feet without recourse). we both instantaneously knew what we were witnessing that it was a u.F.O. i immediately became enthusiastic, while the frown on linda’s face at the abuse that i was suffering at the hands of my family turned into the same smile. i told her to quick go into the shoe store and tell everyone to come out and see this. she left the area. as i continued to watch the u.F.O., it proceeded slowly towards me. it stopped about 40 feet away and about 10 feet off of the ground to remain stationary in front of me. i was alone with that u.F.O. for about 1 full minute. there was no psychological or physical sensation during this time. i was completely conscious during the entire event. after the 1 minute, it exited into the sky in non-ballistic motion on about a 45 degree angle and was gone before anyone else could see it. i returned to the shoe store. it had required this long of a time to ascertain the reason for that encounter: this was only 6 12 years after the assassination of president john fitzgerald kennedy, and 2 years after the murder of his brother robert kennedy and the civil rights activist dr. martin luther king. that void of a need in society had to be filled by those that could endure the stringent military safeguards as described. it was both an honor and a hardship. i have paid a high personal price.

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