Alien Encounter in Escondido, California on 2016-11-02 03:00:00 – Direct contact. tall. 8ft. red-amber in color. black eyes. skinny. very defined in muscle structure. and the hands. they were big, three long fingers followed up by two short.. no smell. felt nonthreat.

A live feed camera on the International Space Station captured a thin, gold, cigar-shaped Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) last week and UFO enthusiasts were quick to spot it, and of course, begin sounding off on a wide range of speculative positions concerning the object and associated topics. Chief among those was what the UFO might be, because the one thing that the spotters and viewers were in agreement on, for the most part, was that the object was a UFO.

The Daily Mail reported a video clip uploaded to YouTube last week by prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1, that was quickly picked up by other UFO and alien hunter enthusiasts, is the latest installment of objects found in close proximity to the International Space Station (ISS) that were both unidentifiable as regular phenomena and possibly artificial, not to mention perhaps intelligently controlled.

Streetcap1 posted the UFO sighting on December 5.

“This is an unidentified flying object near the ISS. It eventually just disappears. You may notice some very fast red flashes near it. I have uploaded it just as was broadcast so many people must have seen it too,” he wrote.

The video depicts a view of the ISS and its solar panels, with the Earth as a slowly revolving backdrop. The anomaly, or UFO, appears to the right of the solar panels against the blackness of space. The gold object is slightly canted away from the panels and appears not to move as the panels move slightly counterclockwise. The nearly four-minute-long video clip shows the object slowly begin to fade from view by video’s end.

One viewer offered that the gold cigar-shaped object looked like a “Saturn ringmaker.”

For the uninitiated, a ringmaker is an entity proposed by Dr. Norman Bergrun that, along with many more of its kind, generates the rings of Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter. According to the former NASA engineer, he first noticed the ringmakers as UFOs within the ring system of Saturn early in his career and revealed their existence in his 1986 book, The Ringmakers of Saturn. The entities are from Saturn, he says, and produce the rings via the “exhaust” from their spaceships.

As the Inquisitr reported in August, Bergrun had updated his original assertions with a warning that the ringmakers were “proliferating” throughout the solar system (having moved on from Saturn to also make rings around Uranus and Jupiter) and the situation was getting “critical” for the solar system. He also now believes that the spaceships are themselves living organisms.

Saturn’s rings as taken by the Cassini spacecraft and backlit by the Sun. [Image by NASA Handout/Getty Images]

It should be noted that scientific consensus insists the ring systems of the outer planets are consistent with a disc of material ranging from ice particles to dust to radiated organic matter, with Jupiter’s rings being primarily made of dust, Saturn’s of water, ice, and rock, and Uranus’ rings consisting of water, ice, and radiation-processed organics.

Blogger Scott C. Waring lost no time in sharing Steetcap1’s UFO video on “UFO Sightings Daily” and wrote that the “golden cigar” had been caught on the live ISS NASA feed. Like other observers, Waring had no problem accepting the object as a being otherworldly.

“As proof to this being a real object, the UFO is slightly touching the light…lighting up one end of the UFO. That is proof that this is a solid object and its shadows are due to the light from the sun.”

As he is often wont to do on his blog, Waring ruminated on the motive of whatever controlled the UFO.

“I wonder what aliens are doing up there…investigating the thoughts of the astronauts, or were they invited guests that came aboard the ISS?”

UFOs and strange visual phenomena are seen regularly through the NASA live feed cameras but NASA is usually reticent about objects sighted near the space station. [Image by NASA Handout/Getty Images]

NASA, as the space agency is known to do concerning such debates, has remained silent about the ISS UFO sighting.

[Featured Image by NASA Handout/Getty Images]

Check out the original source here.

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