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As a group of friends celebrated, there may have been a visit by a UFO in Austria to welcome in the New Year. The UFO sighting was captured on video and posted on social media.

Maria Mela was enjoying celebrating the New Year with friends in the Mostviertel region of Lower Austria along with the traditional fireworks when she spotted something unusual in the skies and managed to capture the moment on video.

There was much clinking of champagne glasses and cheers as a group of youngsters celebrated the birth of the New Year, setting off fireworks, with rockets zooming up into the night sky.

As is traditional in Austria, the Blue Danube waltz (more recently and rather appropriately made famous in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey) can be heard playing in the background as people cheer in the New Year.

It is just as someone lets off a firework into the sky that a silvery white object can clearly be seen, framed by clouds. Out of the blue, lightning forks in the sky, apparently striking the object, accompanied by a loud bang. While admittedly the bang could be related to one of the New Year fireworks, Mela and her friends are wondering just what they had seen in the sky that night and whether it was, in fact, a UFO sighting.

One girl in a video posted by Mela on Facebook looks totally shocked as this happens and someone else asked: “Did anybody see that?”

In her Facebook post, Mela insists that her video is genuine and she is appealing to anyone else that might have seen the phenomenon to get in touch with her. Meanwhile, the post is going viral on the social media platform, with over 76,000 views at the time of writing. Her post includes the hashtags #‎blitz,‪ #‎ufo, ‪#‎mostviertel, and ‪#‎party.

Mela’s description on her Facebook post translates as: “WTF, not sure if this is a UFO over Lower Austria or some bizarre weather phenomenon. Anyone have any idea what it is? Did anybody else see this on the New Year?”

The original video can be viewed on Facebook here, and the sighting can also be viewed in the YouTube video included below.

The fact that lightning was spotted at the time has caused weather experts in Austria to doubt the authenticity of the video, as according to them there was no lightning in the Mostviertel area on New Year’s Eve.

As reported by the Local, Ubimet meteorologist Roland Reiter told the local Austrian media, “We have also seen the video, and we checked the weather conditions at the time. There was no lightning in the area.”

Naturally, UFO fans are asking if there was no weather-related lightning at the time of the incident, what on Earth (or off of it) did the friends actually see in the sky and capture on video?

According to RT News, who mentioned the upcoming new season of The X-Files in their article, this wasn’t the only possible UFO sighting around the time of the New Year.

Reportedly, something vaguely similar happened in Thailand later the same night, but they say that sighting was not quite as suspicious and was probably a small meteor or the like.

This unusual sighting was seen by early risers in Phu Chi Fa, a popular tourist spot in northern Thailand, in the early hours of Friday morning. The video, posted to YouTube on January 1, shows an object zooming through the skies over the Phi Pan Nam mountain range.

So far, theories are doing the rounds that this sighting, which looks like a fireball, was possibly a small meteor or other piece of space debris, possibly an old satellite. However, authorities in Thailand have not yet confirmed what exactly the possible UFO sighting really was.

Meanwhile, we’ll have to wait and see what Mulder and Scully have to say about the truth being out there, as The X-Files returns to TV screens on Sunday, January 24 on FOX.

[Photo via Flickr by Brittanie Loren Pendleton/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

Check out the original source here.

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