A Secret Plan to Create Psychic Transhumans? | The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard & Tracey | CLIP

This clip is from Episode 10 of The Off the Cuff Podcast with Richard & Tracey, titled, “Brain, Mind, and Woo.” OTC Podcast is a regular feature at richarddolanmembers, in which Richard and Tracey do long-form conversations on UFOs, aliens, psi phenomena, politics, transhumanism, futurism, and more.

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Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end but of the all-important question: what happens next?

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Richard has dedicated the last two decades to uncovering the truth about UFOs and, more recently, the dark covert operations known as false flags

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  1. The TR3B 'let's just sell this shit' show has destroyed Richard Dolan's reputation for me. Not a jot of either evidence or convincing argument put forward, on top of a very dubious premise & all for the sake of selling a film. I thought it was a good reputation as well.

  2. Minority report…Ill pass. I often think how frightening it might be if these tools and technologies end up in everyone's hands or how freeing it might be. I dont think the government will tell the truth until they've found a way to control it. They can't allow it to fall into everyone's hands. They'll lose all power and control.

  3. Dolan is a hard one, very smart but also very contradictory, what happened to breakaway society, his mantra for years, and still appears on Giaia which is so false i cant even watch any nonsense on there, Dolan has called out Goode many times but happy to be on the same channel as him as long as it pays the bills

  4. I think we were way different human beings thousands of years ago and could use way more mind power back then. Some may say we were more “spiritual” back then. It may be true but being spiritual is just another way of saying mind power. During the great pyramid era I think our minds were way more advanced then we are now and we were dumbed down at some point, maybe after the great flood. We have a lot of “junk” DNA that we’re unable to activate. Why? Was it purposely cut off by some other beings? Remote viewing could have been super easy in the ancient times and only a select lucky few can do it today. It’s all written in the ancient text. I believe the elites know all about this stuff and they will do everything possible to keep our true history a secret and never let the people of today grow that higher consciousness we once had, UNLESS, they are being used as an asset to them.

    It’s just like the UFO technology. It’s all secretive because not only do they want the tech for themselves but it’s also a planetary security issue. I wonder what kind of doomsday weapons could be built with anti gravitation technology? I’m sure it could be used as weaponry and not just propulsion. Now imagine how drastic our planet would change if we could read every bodies minds, remote view, etc… the economy would crash and their would be total chaos in my opinion.

    They’re slowly taking away peoples rights and privacy so they have a good grip on everybody when things start to unfold in the near future.

    Tracey and Richard again with another great discussion! Thanks…

  5. I'm very strongly inclined to believe it's a cultural phenomenon and has no genetic basis. So for example maybe it's seen among certain hive insects, but not among insects in general. Or maybe it's found among alpha wolves but not among wolves in general. It's a testable, falsifiable hypothesis. So among people you'd expect to find it along with specific behaviors, and practitioners would likely rise to top of our social hierarchy. They'd also have a big incentive to keep it that way using cultural management and deception to maintain their own privilege and power.

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