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A witness from Wilcox in Cochise County, Arizona, has filed a report with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) detailing his experience of sighting a mysterious black triangle UFO in 2014.

MUFON is a non-profit organization that prides itself the world’s largest organization dedicated to documenting and investigating reported UFO sightings.

The witness, identified as a meteorological observer with the U.S. military, recalls in a vivid testimony filed as Case 74926 in the MUFON reporting database, that while on a deer hunt in November 1, 2014, he woke up at about 3:30 a.m. with “stomach trouble.” He left his vehicle, and while apparently seeking a convenient spot where to relieve his discomfort, he spotted a mysterious black triangle UFO streaking across the dark overcast sky and over the canyon where he was camping overnight with other hunters.

“I observed a black triangle dart across the rims of the canyon we were camping in,” the witness told MUFON. “The Object made no sound.”

But due possibly to his discomfort at the time, he was unconcerned about the unusual sighting, and after relieving himself he returned to his vehicle.

“I seemed to not even care [at the time], got up and went back to my vehicle,” he told MUFON.

But months later while reminiscing about his experiences during the hunting trip, he recalled the sighting and began thinking about it. He analyzed the incident and his reactions in retrospect.

What struck the witness as odd was his reaction to the experience. He kept wondering and asking himself why he behaved so uncharacteristically that night and ignored the sighting as if it had been an insignificant occurrence.

“Months later, I recalled the hunting trip and remembered the event,” he said. “My actions that night were uncharacteristic as I have looked to the skies my whole life and never witnessed a UFO before. Why then, when I finally saw something I could not explain, did I brush it off as nothing?”

He recalled not only his feelings of indifference at the time but also mental efforts to dismiss the sighting.

“I do remember not wanting to see it come back as I fell asleep that morning.”

As noted previously, the witnesses’ reaction might have been due to the state of his mind after his peaceful night’s rest was disturbed by unaccustomed discomforts. A man on a hunting trip who likely trekked long distances during the day might have been very exhausted and irritated by the disruption of his night’s rest.

But fortunately, he could still recall useful details of the sighting after several months had passed, thanks to his training as a meteorological observer for the military.

A black triangle UFO fliesA black triangle UFO in the sky [Image via Bach01/Wikimedia]He recalled observing the UFO flying silently and without lights in a direction at right angles to the canyon where he and his companions camped. The canyon, according to the witness, runs northeast-southwest. He estimated the speed of the UFO at about 500 mph and altitude at about 1,000 feet AGL.

The black triangle UFO appeared to have sides of equal length, which he estimated at about 50-75 feet. According to the witness, the object flew silently without lights, and he believed that he would have failed to spot it if there had been no city light pollution.

“If it had not been for city light pollution on an overcast sky, I would not have noticed the object,” he said. “The object made no sound whatsoever.”

The witness stressed that due to his training as a military meteorological observer he was familiar with aircraft used by the U.S. Air Force, and the mysterious black triangle UFO he sighted was certainly not one of them.

“I am a trained meteorological observer from the military. I know our traditional aircraft. This was not one of them,” he said.

UFO enthusiasts speculating about the sighting have suggested that the witness may have spotted a USAF “black budget” craft undergoing testing.

In a report published earlier this month, The Inquisitr noted that black triangle UFOs, otherwise known as TR3B-type UFOs, are of special interest to those members of the UFO community who study USAF “black project” crafts.

Black project conspiracy theorists claim that TR3B-type alien UFOs recovered by the from crash sites — including Roswell in New Mexico — inspired the design of advanced new generation USAF stealth aircraft of the TR-3 series.

“Black triangle UFO” is a term used in reference to the class of UFOs believed to include actual alien UFOs and their alleged Pentagon replicas, such as the TR-3A Black Manta, the TR-3B Aurora and its advanced version, the Astra.

Based on claims of sightings in the Antelope Valley of southern California, UFO conspiracy theorists insist that USAF TR-3s exist. However, skeptics dismiss the claims, saying there is no evidence supporting the claims.

Black project conspiracy theorists believe that the TR-3B Aurora and the Astra were developed under a top-secret Pentagon black budget program that aimed to develop nuclear-powered stealth craft than can hover and fly stealthily in the air like alien UFOs.

The TR-3A, also known as the Black Manta, is described as a subsonic stealth craft allegedly developed by Northrop Gruman and deployed secretly during the Gulf War.

It is rumored in the UFO community that the “Phoenix Lights” incident over Phoenix, Arizona in March 1977, involved black triangle UFOs undergoing testing.

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