100 reported UFO sightings in Minnesota every year, local group says – KMSP-TV


While camping as a Teen in the yard over the Summer, I was drawn to one cluster of stars that used to appear between two power lines that ran behind our property. every night I’d see these same Six or so Stars in the same area again and again, week after week between tow of the wires. Sometimes the group would appear a little lower or a little above these Two wires that bracketed them but I always sat in the same place to observe them so i knew they were not normal Stars, after all, Stars do not move that much distance in just one night. I got the feeling that it wasn’t just me watching these Stars, but I felt that they were observing me also. I finally decided to think “I know you’re watching me.” so for several nights I would say the same thing in my head again. a few nights later I decided to say, “You know I’m here watching, don’t you?” the star on the far right glowed slightly brighter then it vanished. I watched the spot between the wires again and again over the next few nights but it was still gone, but the others remained, then the Star reappeared in the same place once again. They were there for a few Days more but then just vanished from the spot in the sky that they occupied for weeks. I never saw them again, until later that Summer, when they were back one night only, I looked at them for a few minutes and then crawled into my tent for the night. A few moments passed and the yard lit up with an intensely bright yellow golden light . I lifted the edge of the tent to see the yard. the light was everywhere but no shadows were being cast. it seemed to flare up birghter if that was even possible, and just that quick, the light was gone. that was the first time I had seen something out of the ordinary like that but not the last.

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