UFO Sighting in Columbia, Pennsylvania on 2017-03-02 21:30:00 – wife called me said to look out window saw spinning lights came outside and watch object quickly move over route 30 and go behind tree line


I was at home waiting for my wife to come home from a get together with friends. she called me and frantically told me she saw a ufo in the sky. she was very panicked, she then told me to look outside the window of my house, because she was pulling in the driveway and knew i'd be able to see the ufo she was seeing. i ran over to the window and looked outside. i saw lights moving in northwest direction. i quickly ran outside and saw my wife pulling in the driveway and i looked behind our house and i still could see the ufo. the visibility did not last long as it traveled behind the tree line behind route 30. when i first saw the object i was extremely excited and filled with many different emotions. i knew it wasn't a plane or helicopter, i thought maybe a drone but then realized it couldn't be that because of the size it may have been. after the event took place i was a little nervous and didn't know what to do and felt i wouldn't be able to go to sleep last night. for most of my life i had been intrigued and always curious about aliens and ufo's. before last night i had always wanted to see something like this in real life and not just on a youtube video. i posted on facebook about what had happened. a friend of mine got in contact with me and said his wife had seen an object the week before that was triangular and she was very freaked out by this. i called my wife at work and told her and she then proceeded to tell me as she was coming home from the gym the night before that she had seen another object that was triangular and thought maybe it was a plane. this very well could have been a separate sighting, our experience last night involved lights that i would describe as four that were rotating around two lights that were pulsating. the ufo was fast and turned quickly.

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